What types of vials are right for my treatment plan? Choosing the right vial type is an important decision when undergoing fertility treatment with donor sperm. Sussex Sperm Bank offers a wide range of vial types to choose from, including IUI, ICI, ART, and ICSI. Each type of vial has its own unique benefits and is designed to be used in different fertility procedures.

In this blog, we will discuss the various vial types offered at SSB and explore the pricing and shipping options available to help guide you in your decision-making process. First, let’s start with the various vial types offered. IUI vials are the most commonly used types of donor sperm samples. They are suitable for all types of fertility treatments, making them a great option for individuals or couples undergoing insemination with donor sperm. IUI vials have been washed and processed to remove any seminal fluid and concentrate the sperm for optimum quality and viability. These vials have a total motile sperm guarantee of 10 million and are sold in .5ml concentration.

ICI vials, although less common, can be used for all types of fertility treatments. ICI vials are unwashed and will require washing by your fertility lab before your procedure to remove any non-sperm elements. Although less common than IUI vials, ICI vials are just as effective and offer a viable option for those looking to conceive. ICI vials have a total motile sperm guarantee of 15 million, and are sold in 1ml concentration.

ART vials are a specialised type of donor sperm vial that contain a lower number of motile sperm cells in comparison to standard IUI and ICI vials. There are both washed and unwashed ART vials available. These vials are an excellent option for IVF treatments and can sometimes be used for insemination treatment cycles as well. If ART vials are the only ones available for your chosen donor, it may be possible to use multiple vials for other treatment types. However, we strongly recommend speaking with your healthcare team before making a purchase. We offer IUI ART vials sold in 0.5ml volumes with 4-9 million motile sperm cells and ICI ART vials sold in 0.5ml volumes with 5-14 million motile cells.

ICSI vials the most highly specialized type of donor sperm vial we offer, and they contain a limited number of motile sperm cells. These are washed vials, but contain significantly fewer total motile cells than other washed vials. They are a great option for those undergoing ICSI treatments where higher sperm counts are not necessary. Our ICSI vials are sold in 0.5ml volumes with 1-4 million motile sperm cells.

Next, here is the pricing breakdown for each vial type and shipping:

Vial Type Price (GBP)
IUI 850
ICI 850
ART 750
ICSI 659


As part of the donor selection process, you will also be required to purchase what is known as a Family Slot to ensure your favorite donor is available for the length of your treatment cycle. Family slots are £250 and each donor offered through SSB is limited to a maximum of 10 families in the UK. These slots ensure we are in compliance with the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) policy which limits the number of families used by one sperm donor. We are committed to providing you with exceptional service and support throughout your fertility journey. Our team will work diligently with you and your clinic to ensure that your donor specimens are delivered in time for your insemination procedure. You can trust us to handle the logistics so that you can focus on what matters most – starting or growing your family.

Shipping Distance Price (GBP)
Within 50 miles 80
Between 51-100 miles 150
Between 101-250 miles 300
Over 250 miles 500


We recommend you speak with your healthcare team about your personalised treatment plan before purchasing vials. If you have questions on getting started, or about available vials for your preferred donor of choice, please contact our Client Services team at [email protected] or by phone 01273 620165.

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