F. Family Slot Reservation Terms and Conditions




You are asked to confirm this form on SxSB Form J if you are either:




  1. You are RESERVING a family slot for use with samples that you have purchased.





Important Information




The family slot reservation is necessary to ensure that SxSB can effectively monitor the 10 family slots in line with HFEA guidelines. This also allows fair access to donors for all patients.



  • SxSB: Sussex Sperm Bank Ltd.
  • Reservation: This is used for reserving a family slot to use samples/embryos for a specific donor and for a specific slot.
  • Family: One of the maximum ten permissible families allowed from each donor by the HFEA. Any number of siblings from the same mother counts as one family. For female same sex couples: Both mothers may use the sperm to create one family unit, however they must have appropriate HFEA parental consent and be in a civil partnership or marriage.
  • Units: Standard 0.5ml volume units
  • Pricing: The Donor Family Slot is currently £500 plus VAT. This can change from time to time; please refer to our website for the most up to date information.
  • Expiration: All Family Slots automatically expire if there is no birth reported and no samples and/or embryos are in storage. Treatment outcomes are obtained from the treating clinic. SxSB use this information to determine whether a family slot should be released or continued to be held for a specific patient.
  • Patients wishing to purchase further samples using the same family slot are advised to contact SxSB immediiatley to ensure the slot is not released. SxSB do not contact patients to advise that the slot has been released/removed for their use – it is the patients’ responsibility to update SxSB should they wish to retain their family slot whilst purchasing further samples to ensure continued use.
  • Family slot cannot be held if no samples and/or embryos are in storage either at the treating clinic or SxSB, or if there are no births reported.
  • The purchase of additional samples within the same family slot is possible providing it has not already been released. In cases such as this (where the slot has already been released) a NEW family slot must be purchased at the advertised price.
  • Embryo: eggs (patients own or donor eggs) fertilised with donor sperm from SxSB.

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