H. Patient Consent – Donor With Carrier Status/Genetic Condition

Using a donor with known carrier status

All donors that started donating from August 2017 have had expanded genetic testing for over 270 conditions. Some donors are identified as a known carrier for a condition(s), whilst others have been idenitfied as having a known genetic condition(s).  All donors who are identified as carriers do not have the condition themselves.  All results have been reviewed by the director and/or consultant before proceeding with the donation cycle. Please refer to condition information sheets for specific details on conditions, the risk of being a carrier and the inheritance pattern. All patients using a donor who is identified as a carrier and/or having a condition are recommended to also have the genetic testing to further minimise the risk of a child inheriting the condition(s)

Each donor has individual testing done to screen for genetic conditions. If a donor was found to be a carrier for a condition(s), or has identified condition, you must complete Form I. Patient Consent – Donor With Carrier Status/Genetic condition, located on the donor’s profile. Use the tool below to enter the Donor’s ID and get a direct link to their donor profile. Navigate to the link, where you will select the “Informed Consent Form” button to complete the form for that donor.

Donor Consent Lookup

Please type slowly!

If you are having issues, try slowly typing the donor ID again.


Please Proceed to Sign and Acknowledge All Forms on Form J.

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